Xerox Europe: Maximising the employee value proposition

An employee value proposition describes what an organisation stands for, requires and offers as an employer in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to the organisation. Xerox has developed its EVP around five pillars of people management:

  • people – including senior leader reputation
  • work – including innovation
  • organisation – including brand
  • opportunity – including career development
  • reward – including compensation, health and retirement benefits.

What you will find in this report

This case study, research and written by e-reward, examines:

  • Why it is vital to maximise the value of an EVP.
  • The main elements of Xerox’s compensation strategy.
  • The implementation of new-style bonus schemes.
  • How the EVP is helping Xerox optimise the return on its pay bill spend
  • The introduction of online total reward statements.
  • How workforce segmentation will be used to drive Xerox’s interaction on reward issues in future.
  • Future plans – the role of line managers, use of social and digital media, demonstrating a link between benefits and increased employee performance.


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • What you will find in this report
  • Organisation profile
  • Who e-reward interviewed
  • Maximising the value of an EVP
  • Benefits should be more than a hygiene factor
  • Compensation strategy
  • Align effort and growth priorities
  • Optimising the return on capital
  • Enhancing recruitment and retention
  • Grow employee engagement
  • Total reward statements
  • Workforce segmentation
  • Future plans

List of boxes:

  • 1: The employee value proposition at Xerox – what is it?
  • 2: Xerox mission statement and core values
  • 3: Xerox’s compensation and benefits strategy
  • 4: Activity-based compensation at Xerox
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