Quintiles: Introducing total reward statements in a global context

Pharmaceutical services organisation, Quintiles, has rolled out total reward statements (TRS) to its operations in a dozen countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the past two years, using a range of solutions from online with functionality to do-it-yourself (DIY) statements that can be prepared in a matter of hours.

Debra Corey, senior director compensation and benefits for Quintiles in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, uses a milk analogy to describe how different types of TRS are more appropriate in different operational scenarios:

  • online TRS are the “whole milk” version

  • paper-based TRS are “semi-skimmed”

  • DIY statements represent the “skimmed” versions.

She asks organisations to consider: “Which ‘milk’ is right for your organisation and how do you decide on which carton to pick up?” Total reward statements are a great way of creating visibility and a “platform for showcasing all of the fantastic reward programmes your organisation has put in place,” Corey adds, as she explains the company’s journey, rolling out statements in a diverse range of countries, from Ghana employing just eight people, to the United States with approximately 6,500 employees.


Organisation profile


A flexible approach to total reward statements
Tailored approach
The TRS journey
What’s included
Refreshing data
Pros and cons of online, paper or DIY statements
Employee feedback
Tips for success


  • Benefits of total reward statements

  • The Quintiles TRS journey

  • Pros and cons of different TRS “milk”

Sample total reward statements