Reward engagement programme supports corporate rebrand at Aviva

In a move described as “one of the largest financial services rebranding exercises to take place in the UK in the last ten years”, Aviva has recently implemented a major strategy to bring together the company’s former brands under the “One Aviva” umbrella.

The main focus of this case study, written and researched by e-reward, is My Aviva Reward – which is an “integrated, all-employee reward engagement programme” linked to the corporate rebrand and the company’s wider business strategy.

The My Aviva Reward programme encompasses a range of recognition and engagement strategies based on three central initiatives:

  • a peer-based recognition scheme

  • flexible benefits

  • personalised online reward statements.

Our case study also looks at plans for changes to the current pay structure arrangements based on the development of 12 global-level job families. Given that the company identifies communications as the most important factor in the success of the new reward engagement programme, a detailed analysis of the issues involved in the communication of reward across the rebranded organisation is integrated throughout the case study.

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  • Business background and strategy

  • Pay and grading background – a quick glance

  • Reward engagement strategy

  • Communicating My Aviva Reward

  • Spotlight on recognition

  • Flexible benefits

  • Online reward statements

  • Collaborating with external parties

  • Shaping future reward

  • Lessons learned

  • A final word


  • My Aviva Reward web sites

  • Role for “self-service” HR communications


  • Spotlight e-cards

  • A Guide to Spotlight

  • My Aviva flex card

  • Personal reward statements