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As part of a paid-for annual subscription to 'Reward Blueprints', you'll receive a collection of case studies, surveys and toolkits plus free access our digital archive which contains every research report in this series that we have published.

Our monthly research reports are often proclaimed as 'the answers we've been looking for'. They provide high-quality information and advice in an easy-to-read format. Solutions and ready-to-apply techniques are always highlighted and, best of all, they're researched and written by the people you trust at E-reward.

A paid-for subscription to 'Reward Blueprints' will be one of the best business decisions you make this year.

In June 2002, E-reward launched its ongoing original research programme. Its purpose is to advance the theory and practice of reward management among UK practitioners and others with an interest in how employees are rewarded at work. On a practical level, this research offers so much more. We see it as your own up-to-date instruction manual to a better way to work in reward. Our research findings are published, in full, in a series of monthly research reports, available on an annual subscription.

1. Case studies of leading UK organisations

Each year, as part of your annual paid subscription to the research reports, you receive a set of in-depth case studies with document extracts providing you with access to reliable, practical expertise and experience so that you can develop more effective reward strategies in your own organisation. Our emphasis is on how leading professionals are putting theory into practice in the workplace, and case studies are carefully chosen to highlight the latest thinking in reward management. Case studies provide:

  • exclusive insights into why the approach was taken
  • what the organisation was trying to achieve
  • how the implementation or change process was undertaken
  • who drove the initiative
  • how long it took
  • what resources were required
  • how effective it has been
  • the lessons learnt.

2. Surveys of key reward issues

As part of its ongoing research programme, E-reward has undertaken a series major in-depth, state-of-play surveys, examining key aspects of the UK reward management agenda:

  • bonus schemes
  • contingent pay
  • grade and pay structures
  • job evaluation
  • performance management
  • UK Reward Census
  • performance-related pay
  • reward effectiveness.

The overall aim of our surveys is to find out how these practices are being developed and operated. But the main issue we address is not how the basic processes and practices work – this is now well known – but how to make them work well. Perhaps the most fascinating and valuable outcomes are the practical comments and suggestions about the design, development, implementation and maintenance made by respondents, which we reproduce in full. The result of this research has been a benchmarking exercise which we believe provides invaluable decision-making information about these practices in the UK today. Subscribers to the 'Reward Blueprints' receive at least one survey per year.

3. Toolkits

The final element of your annual paid subscription to the research reports is a set of toolkits. The purpose of our 'how to' toolkits is to provide practical advice and guidance to anyone in an organisation which wants to review an existing practice (take, for example, job evaluation, performance management, total reward statements, market data and bonus schemes) or develop new ones. You can use these toolkits to understand:

  • the aims and features of the featured reward practice
  • why organisations introduce such practices
  • evidence regarding their prevalence in the UK
  • key characteristics and components
  • what are the pros and cons
  • key ingredients for success
  • strategies available for design, development, implementation and maintenance.

Digital archive

E-reward’s digital archive contains every research report right back to the first issue in June 2002. This extensive body of work comprises an impressive collection of case studies, surveys and toolkits on contemporary reward issues. It is available only to paid-for subscribers of the research reports. If you decide not to renew your annual subscription, your access to the digital archive will end.

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