Gemserv’s new reward strategy goes far beyond pay

Over the past three years, Gemserv has carried out two major reviews of its reward strategy. In 2014, the company overhauled its approach to employee benefits, rebranding them and adopting a total reward philosophy that emphasises the value of the organisation’s culture and working environment to employees alongside the more standard financial elements of the reward package. And this year, in response to a significant change in business strategy, it has launched a new employee incentive scheme (replacing previous bonus schemes) designed to incentivise behaviours that prioritise the long-term growth of the organisation over short-term financial gains.


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  • Organisation profile
  • Who E-reward interviewed
  • 2014: Reviewing the company’s employee benefits
  • New and improved benefits
  • An emphasis on total reward
  • Communicating the full reward offering
  • The total reward offering at Gemserv
  • Gemserv’s total reward statement
  • A greater understanding among staff
  • Gemserv’s reward principles
  • 2017: Aligning reward with the new five-year business strategy
  • Gemserv’s five-year ‘ABC’ business strategy
  • New employee incentive schemes
  • The review process
  • Staff feedback
  • New core schemes
  • Sales assist scheme
  • Incentivising the right behaviours
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