Total reward statements: part 1 - Case studies

This two-part report aims to provide you with invaluable decision-making information on all aspects of developing and implementing a total reward statement. Part 1 comprises nine case studies as well as an overview of some of the key issues. Via a series of case histories, we learn first-hand from the practical experience of nine pioneering organisations with total reward statements.

Our report examines the approaches adopted by these very different organisations to the introduction and management of total reward statements. What do these organisations hope to achieve by embracing total reward statements? Why does addressing recruitment, retention and motivation problems through a total reward statement appear to make sense? How does one craft a total reward statement and what should it cover? How well have statements been received by employees? What are the main stumbling blocks? What factors determine whether one should offer employees online access?

These case studies offer a unique insight into how organisations are putting total reward statements into practice to bring home to employees the true value of their benefits package. The report includes three sample total reward statements: Nationwide, Royal Bank of Scotland and Unilever.

For more details see our reviews, published in the 'Features' section of, 21 June and 22 November 2005.