E-reward Annual Conference 2016
Conference Information

The Reward Management Update 2016. Our 10th Annual E-reward Conference

Date: Thursday, 3rd November 2016 & Friday, 4th November 2016
Duration: Two days
Venue: Kensington, London
Fees: JUST £300 + VAT per delegate.

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Join the 10th yearly gathering of the reward profession . . .

After another busy year keeping tabs on everything that's interesting and new in the compensation and benefits scene, we're ready to launch our TENTH annual reward event. A team of our top reward researchers make it their business to know your business. They spend hours and hours interviewing senior reward people in the UK to research and compile an accurate picture of the UK reward scene each year. They monitor trends, track new ideas and report everything back in time for us to present a clear, concise picture of everything happening in your industry TODAY and a forecast for TOMORROW.

E-reward's research and specialist expertise condensed into two days of updates, developments and hot topics. Attend our latest annual compensation and benefits conference and you'll learn everything we think you'll need to know to stay on top of all the latest reward developments.

Networking and interaction

The conference has been designed so that it features numerous networking opportunities – including a drinks reception at the end of day 1 – allowing you to refresh your relationships, learn from your peers and meet new contacts. We also want to encourage as much participation and interaction as possible, so we'll leave lots of time for delegates to submit questions, debate, comment and exchange views and ideas with the speakers and interact with other delegates.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved or interested in reward across the private and public sectors:

  • Reward and HR directors
  • Heads of reward
  • Reward managers and other compensation and benefits specialists
  • HR professionals with responsibility for reward
  • Reward consultants


Chaired by Helen Murlis, Associate – Korn Ferry Hay Group and independent consultant/executive coach





Employee Incentive Plans

This session will review key features, recent developments, current trends and the factors underpinning success in:

  • Profit/gain sharing plans
  • Team-based financial reward
  • Broad base share participation
  • Employee shareholder shares
  • Employee ownership trusts

Mark Childs, Managing Director, Total Reward Group

10.05: Are You Getting What You Are Paying For? Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Variable Pay Plan

The relationship between variable pay and performance is an important one, and one that most organisations struggle with. This presentation aims to give a better view on how to correlate the outgoing payments to the desired sales behaviour. The presentation should answer the following questions:

  • How can I assess the business benefit versus cost as it relates to variable based pay?
  • How can I measure the benefit of variable based pay?
  • Am I driving the right behaviours?
  • Once I can understand the above, how can I change plan design to deliver higher ROI?
  • What else can I do to support the new approach?

Jon Clark, Director, Strategy Services, EMEA, OpenSymmetry


Designing for Change
  • The business drivers for changes in reward design and the new business target operating model
  • The development of a coherent reward strategy and target incentives model
  • The challenge of implementation and measuring success

Anna Fletcher, Group Senior Reward Manager, International Personal Finance

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The Role of Reward in Employee Well-being

Utilising the results of QCG's recent research into employee well-being practices and trends, Vicki will outline how employee well-being and reward are closely linked, beyond simply looking at benefit plans. In addition, her presentation will cover:

  • Employee well-being programme drivers and practices
  • The business advantages of focusing on employee well-being
  • How employee well-being is measured
  • What obstacles stand in the way of employee well-being
  • What changes organisations are planning in relation to well-being

Vicki Badham, Head of Reward, QCG


Performance Management for the Next Generation

Traditionally most performance management uses backward-looking metrics of what an employee delivered. It is purely a measure of what an individual has delivered on an annual basis. But to progress we need to be looking towards measuring the skills, abilities and behaviours that were employed to deliver against those objectives. Tom will look at some of the more difficult aspects of this idea, assessing how much an individual has developed these competencies over the course of the year – and then going to the next step in determining how to compensate for that utilisation and growth.

Tom Hellier, Head of Reward GB, Willis Towers Watson



Creating High Impact Reward in Fast Growth Businesses

Deborah shares her extensive experience of working with fast growth businesses to develop high impact reward programmes that deliver great results. Growing quickly whether through organic growth or acquisition presents a unique set of challenges for those responsible for people equity. Being one step ahead with organisational development and talent is key to the ongoing growth and success of the business as it goes through its various stages of growth journey. Key to that is:

  • Your reward – understanding how to create competitive executive packages that are attractive in the earlier growth stages and remain so.
  • Managing performance that develops your second level team to translate high level strategy into action.
  • Motivation that continues the momentum long after the initial stages of fast growth and excitement are waning.

Deborah Rees, Director of Consulting, Innecto Reward Consulting

2.10: No Need to Compromise on Your Compensation Strategy

Happy people lead to better performance. But happiness doesn’t come from paying your employees more money. It comes from your people understanding:

  • The company direction
  • Their individual goals and how they reflects to the company direction
  • How they are rewarded and recognised for achieving their goals and if it is fair

beqom’s total compensation platform provides this level of understanding to your employees and partners.

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Perfect Bonuses
  • Consider the aspiration for the perfect bonus which exists in all our line manager's heads but reflect on the reality that there are too many variables for this to be achievable.
  • Consider how we hold true to that aspiration by managing complexity within a framework which gives managers the bonus tools they crave in what feels to them a straightforward process.
  • This in turn leads to a discussion of our requirements for a robust engine that manages a myriad of bonus plans with thousands of lines of results to deliver an intuitive tool to managers.
Paul Nelson, Group Head of Reward, Travis Perkins

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What Does a Reward Strategy for a Global Business Look Like?

What does great look like in overseeing a company’s global benefits spend? How can HR and benefits leaders make sense of the complexities of multi-country operations to create an aligned global benefits strategy? Long gone is the ill-fated attempt to standardise benefits design, due to local market proclivities, barriers and legislation, and in is the new order – governance, automation and engagement. In this session, Chris will share the shape of that new strategy based on many years of client experience, technology innovation and up-to-date data from global rewards research undertaken by Thomsons Online Benefits and client case studies.
Find out how you can:

  • Manage the tension between global and local
  • Move from standardised benefits design to achieving governance, automation and engagement
  • Make the most of analytics: the data underpinning this new, definitive approach

Matthew Gregson, Consulting Director, Thomsons Online Benefits


Bridging the Employee Engagement Gap

Glenn will present his own practical vision for employee engagement – The Engagement Bridge™. His talk will look in depth at:

  • His theory that building a lasting connection between your organisation and your people is the foundation of success.
  • How technology is driving the need for employee engagement.
  • The benefits of better connecting with employees – questioning how companies can create customer advocacy if they only have employee satisfaction.

Glenn Elliott, Founder and CEO, Reward Gateway


Most organisations have performance management processes in one form or another, but these are often based on formal annual reviews, forced rankings and directly linked to pay decisions. These traditional approaches are often at the expense of ongoing, continuous feedback and focus on looking back at what has or has not been achieved rather than looking forward. Direct links to pay decisions avert attention from people development, and managers often get lost in the bureaucracy of complex forms rather than fully engaging with their people. Drawing on his new research project, Michael discusses how to build a culture of ongoing feedback and coaching and provides case studies of how this approach to building performance has been effective in organisations including Gap and Microsoft.

Michael Armstrong, Co-founder, E-reward


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DAY 2:



Recognising Champions at Siemens
  • How to bring together a large and varied landscape of recognition into one place
  • How to make recognition live and thrive every day
  • How a strong recognition culture supports the business
  • Some lessons learnt

Amanda Bullough, Reward Consultant, Siemens plc


Post M&A Harmonisation of Pay and Benefits across 24 Countries
  • An inside track case study of post M&A pay and benefits integration across geographies
  • Getting started with the future in mind
  • Key challenges and overcoming the hurdles
  • Managing the balance of quick wins and longer-term solutions
  • Making it happen

Martin Percival, HR Director – Europe & Emerging Markets, Commercial, CooperVision Inc., and Sylvia Doyle, Director, Reward First People Consulting


11.15: Aligning Company Incentives with Corporate Objectives

Tom will outline how to build best-in-class incentive compensation strategies that drive the right employee behaviour to align with company goals.

Tom Castley, VP Xactly EMEA


Bringing Clarity to Incentives in Interxion

Interxion is a growing European data centre provider with presence in 11 countries. Luke will share details of how it implemented a butt compensation solution to motivate its sales teams and provide visibility of performance across the business.

Luke Smedley, Director of Process and Systems, Interxion

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SHARE in Our Future – Unilever’s Award-winning Communication Campaign for a Global Employee Share Plan Launch

Find out how Unilever, with the help of employee communications partner Caburn Hope, solved the challenges of communicating shares to employees – many of whom do not have any familiarity with equity and investments, do not speak English, or have work email addresses or computers.

When Unilever decided to roll-out its new global employee share plan, ‘SHARES’, to all employees that are not eligible to participate in executive equity plans, it was the first of its kind in Unilever’s history. A game-changer in terms of the requirement to design and launch a highly detailed, globally-consistent, communication strategy that spans 104 countries and over 50 languages. Prior to SHARES, Unilever equity plans were offered only to around 3,000 executives globally, representing less than 2% of the total employee population at Unilever. Now with SHARES, over 125,000 additional employees are offered the chance to become shareholders and share in Unilever’s future!

Christopher Hopkins, Director and Lead Communication Consultant, Caburn Hope, and Louise Sutton, Global Reward Manager, Unilever

12.30: The Future of Compensation Management Solutions

Ruth looks at the evolution of compensation management systems and considers what they may have to offer in the future with HR increasingly being asked to deliver a business outcome orientated approach. Solutions can no longer just automate spreadsheets but must help organisations extract the maximum value from their compensation data and optimisation of compensation spend. Ruth will explore how to utilise innovative compensation management technology to:

  • Capacitate the reward function in its role as business enabler
  • Visualise compensation data and provide real business insight
  • Reward and incentivise key employees for performance that drives business results
  • Compensate the workforce equitably based on clearly defined criteria and benchmarks to ensure employee engagement and minimise compliance risk.
Ruth Thomas, Senior Consultant, Curo

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1.45: How New Technology and Apps are Driving Forward Employee Engagement

  • Exploring the link between Happiness and Employee Engagement
  • Creating an effective employee communications infrastructure at no cost
  • How can I harness the power of new technology

David Walker, Chief Commercial Officer, Personal Group

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The Rise and Rise of Regulation

Increasing amounts of regulation and guidance have been coming through this year which is impacting on UK reward outside of the boardroom. There are question marks over whether some of this is really addressing reward issues but nonetheless, reward have been given ownership. In this session Stuart will:

  • Summarise some of the key regulatory changes this year – including pensions, gender pay, apprenticeship levy etc – and discuss the reward function's role in delivering them and how our willingness to take them on might influence perceptions around the role of reward.
  • Look at the role of reward professionals and how they relate to the business and how the role of reward is expected to continue to evolve in the years ahead.

Stuart Hyland, Director – People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young


Important, Undesirable or Irrelevant?
  • What's coming/what will I need to report?
  • Where did this come from, why is government doing this?
  • What's the evidence that reporting has any impact on pay gaps? Featuring IES research for the EHRC
  • What are the benefits for me/my organisation?
  • What else should employers be doing?

Duncan Brown, Head of HR Consultancy, Institute for Employment Studies



Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong
Co-founder, E-reward

Michael is one of Britain's best known and prolific management authors, with titles on reward strategy, paying for contribution, job evaluation, performance management and employee reward. He has vast experience both as an HR practitioner and an independent consultant. Michael is a Companion of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and former chief examiner. He is the author of several bestselling HR books including Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, Armstrong's Handbook of Reward Management Practice, and Armstrong's Handbook of Performance Management. His new book, due to be published January 2017, is entitled Armstrong on Reinventing Performance Management. Michael co-founded E-reward in 1999.

Vicki Badham
Vicki Badham
Head of Reward, QCG

Vicki joined QCG in 2011 after 12 years of consulting experience – as a Senior Consultant for Sibson Consulting, followed by a period as a freelance consultant. She works with clients to attract, retain and motivate their employees by reviewing, designing and implementing reward structures and incentive schemes and performance management systems. She has also run global employee satisfaction surveys and assisted with large-scale organisational restructures.

Recent projects include the design of an executive long-term incentive scheme for a global telecommunications firm; a review and redesign of the sales incentive and annual bonus scheme, competency framework, pay bands and performance management processes for a global technology company; and a review of leadership rewards for a major public sector organisation. She holds a BA (Hons) Degree in History and German from Bristol University and is a practising qualified bereavement counsellor.

Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown
Head of HR Consultancy, Institute for Employment Studies

Prior to joining IES in 2015, he was Principal, Reward and Engagement at Aon Hewitt. Duncan, a previous Assistant Director General at the CIPD, is a highly experienced adviser, researcher and author on reward, HR and employment issues. He has more than 25 years' experience in HR consulting and research, with firms including PwC and Towers Perrin. His clients have included major private sector companies such as National Grid and Lloyds Banking Group, government departments such as the Department of Health and Cabinet Office, and not-for-profit organisations such as Cancer Research and the United Nations. He has also participated on government taskforces on employee engagement, pensions and human capital reporting and was a member of the expert advisory group to the Hutton Review of Fair Pay.

Duncan is also a prolific writer and speaker, with regular articles and blogs in the HR press. He has been particularly influential and vocal recently on the linked issues of equal pay and low pay. Human Resources magazine placed him in its listing of the top five most influential thinkers in UK HR in the past three years.

Amanda Bullough
Amanda Bullough
Reward Consultant, Siemens plc

Amanda is responsible for a range of compensation and recognition topics, including fixed and variable pay, job architecture and the 'Champions' recognition scheme. Joining Siemens in 2008, Amanda has undertaken a number of roles, including operational and management roles within Siemens Financial Services, and more recently joining the central compensation and benefits team in 2013.

Tom Castley
Tom Castley
VP Xactly EMEA

Tom joined Xactly EMEA in July 2014 to lead the growth of the company in the region. He has over 15 years of sales and CRM experience across leading butt organisations and is highly renowned in the industry as a true customer experience champion. Tom spent seven years at Oracle to support the expansion of its Butt CRM business, and managed a struggling sales team, which he successfully turned around in a year. Prior to Oracle, Tom worked in RightNow Technologies, where he was responsible for UK sales across a variety of industries.

Mark Childs
Mark Childs
Managing Director, Total Reward Group

Mark is Managing Director of the Total Reward Group, comprising the boutique reward consultancy Total Reward Solutions and the specialist search and interim practice Total Reward Careers. He has previously headed up global compensation and benefits in Fidelity Investments, Seagram, Chubb, Reckitt & Colman plc and Forte plc. His early career was as an HR generalist, with an academic background in industrial relations. Mark is a Chartered Companion and former Vice President Reward of CIPD. A Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, Mark is a former member of the CBI’s National Employment Policy Committee and author of Personnel Today’s 'One Stop Guide to Reward Management'. He is an experienced reward adviser, pensions trustee and current Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of Atlantic Equities LLP.

Jon  Clark
Jon Clark
Director, Strategy Services, EMEA, OpenSymmetry

Jon is an experienced SPM/reward consultant working with business leaders in leading organisations to design and implement SPM solutions. He has 15 years’ experience working on UK-based and international projects. Jon works with chief executives, HRDs, and sales leaders to design reward and SPM reward solutions including operational process, salesforce initiatives, total reward strategy solutions, pay and grading structures and performance management systems. Jon’s experience is cross-sector, including financial services, telecoms, media, hi-tech manufacturing, not-for-profit, and professional services.

Sylvia Doyle
Sylvia Doyle
Director, Reward First People Consulting

Sylvia is the founder of Reward First People Consulting. Her expertise includes pay structures; total reward; variable pay, executive remuneration and strategic reward to develop pragmatic reward solutions. In addition to reward consultancy, Sylvia regularly mentors HR leaders having established a successful reward mentoring programme in 2010. She is an independent non-executive director on remuneration committees and speaks on reward issues in the UK and internationally.

Glenn Elliott
Glenn Elliott
Founder and CEO, Reward Gateway

Glenn is an employee engagement expert, entrepreneur and author of forthcoming book The Engagement Bridge. He founded Reward Gateway in 2006, which has since helped over 1,100 clients to attract, engage and retain the best talent, through better connecting with their employees. Reward Gateway’s mission is to make the world a happier place to work.

Anna Fletcher
Anna Fletcher
Group Senior Reward Manager, International Personal Finance

Anna has more than 12 years’ experience in reward and joined IPF six years ago. In her current position as Group Senior Reward Manager she is responsible for overseeing all aspects of reward across the group and gets involved in a wide range of initiatives including incentives, share schemes, executive remuneration and global mobility. Recent highlights include playing a key role in the design and implementation of a new target operating model for reward and introducing an international all-employee share purchase and matching plan aimed at supporting employee retention and aligning employee interests with those of shareholders. Prior to joining IPF she held similar roles in other financial services organisations.

Matthew  Gregson
Matthew Gregson
Consulting Director, Thomsons Online Benefits

Matthew has worked with benefits and rewards leaders for 14 years and heads up Thomsons’ consulting practice, covering scheme design, retirement, health and communications. He is a passionate thought leader, presenting regularly to HR and benefit leaders, and focuses a large part of his time working with clients to help shape their future reward and benefit strategy as well as sourcing innovative providers and platforms.

Tom  Hellier
Tom Hellier
Head of Reward GB, Willis Towers Watson

Tom is a consultant with expertise in a variety of reward and HR disciplines.

Experience in most sectors: particularly financial services, high-tech, pharmaceutical (big pharma and bio-tech), energy and energy services, retail and not-for-profit. He has broad international experience having worked in Canada, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and continental Europe.

Specialities: reward strategy design and implementation, sales effectiveness and rewards, job evaluation and grading, pay structure design, development and implementation, performance management, incentive design and executive and all employee total remuneration benchmarking.

Christopher Hopkins
Christopher Hopkins
Director and Lead Communication Consultant, Caburn Hope

Christopher has led the delivery of global award-winning, performance-driven communications for more than 20 years. As a strategist and an expert in employee engagement, he partners with HR teams to inspire and connect people with their culture, values and purpose. Christopher has an innate understanding for creating powerful, impactful communications that meet current needs and harnesses the technological trends that are shaping the future of work. His clients have included many world-class brands such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Barclays and Telefónica to name a few.

Stuart Hyland
Stuart Hyland
Director People Advisory Services, EY

Stuart has been a consultant for nearly 20 years, working with many of the world’s leading brands and businesses in the UK and more widely. His focus is on using reward as a lever to help organisations deliver engagement and performance in a way which is appropriate for their particular circumstances through a wide range of activities – ranging from base pay though to reward strategy and EVP design and implementation. Stuart joined EY in early 2016 to help continue the recent growth and success of their reward team where he has a particular focus on total reward solutions.

Helen Murlis
Helen Murlis
Associate – Korn Ferry Hay Group and independent consultant/executive coach

Helen Murlis is an independent consultant, executive coach and Associate of Korn Ferry Hay Group. She has over 35 years' experience of consulting, teaching and researching on reward strategy and practice. Helen is a former shareholder director at Hay Group and played leading roles in Hay Group's reward, performance management and public sector practices. She started her career in reward just in time to implement equal pay in 1970. She consults with a wide range of clients in the UK and internationally. She is co-author of Reward Management: A handbook of remuneration strategy and practice. Helen is also an executive coach, working with senior executives in both private and public sectors.

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Group Head of Reward, Travis Perkins

Paul has over 20 years' experience in compensation and benefits holding domestic and international roles within the financial services and logistics sectors. He joined Travis Perkins in 2013 as Group Head of Reward.

Martin Percival
Martin Percival
HR Director, CooperVision

Martin has over 25 years' HR experience gained mainly with fast moving hi-tech, software and ecommerce companies including Amazon and Microsoft. He has over 15 years of international leadership experience gained whilst living and working in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. CooperVision is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of contact lenses. Martin joined CooperVision in March 2014 as HR Director heading up the team that supports commercial teams across Europe, the Middle East and Africa plus emerging markets including Turkey, Russia and India – 24 countries in total. His first major challenge was to successfully integrate the acquisition of Sauflon into CooperVision. He has an MBA from Henley Management College.

Deborah Rees
Deborah Rees
Director of Consulting, Innecto Reward Consulting

As a reward and performance expert, Deborah leads global projects in variable pay and pay structure design, executive compensation, and reward strategy. Her clients range from SMEs to large multinationals who all have in common, a need to change and re-define their business to grow. She has a depth of experience in the knowledge economy, particularly in financial services, retail, IT, television, professional services and sports. Deborah is a recognised progressive thinker in the area of pay and reward and regularly writes for trade press and books, most recently publishing a chapter on rewarding talent in The Compensation Handbook Sixth Edition: A State of the Art Guide to Compensation Strategy & Design. With a varied background in line management and consultancy for organisations including Marks & Spencer, Nationwide Building Society and Towers Perrin, Deborah co-founded Innecto in 2002. She is a Non-Executive Director of Personal Group and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

Luke Smedley
Luke Smedley
Director, Business Process and Support, Interxion

Luke has more than 16 years' experience in the telecommunications industry and joined Interxion six years ago. In his current position he is responsible for the entire salesforce infrastructure that supports Interxion’s end-to-end business processes. He has been intimately involved in sales performance management and incentive compensation over this entire period and has worked with a wide variety of consultants, suppliers and partners throughout his career. He has previously presented at events such as Dreamforce and the Salesforce World Tour and previously worked at Cable and Wireless and Telstra.

Louise Sutton
Louise Sutton
Global Reward Manager, Unilever

Louise joined Unilever in October 2010. As Global Reward Manager, Louise has project managed the launch of Unilever’s Global Employee Share Plan, SHARES, in 104 countries. Prior to this, she worked as the Global Mobility and Reward Manager for the Unilever senior executives and Unilever’s Leadership Executive (ULE). Louise was previously a Global Mobility Manager with both Ernst & Young and Deloitte, as part of the HR consulting divisions. Louise holds a BSc from Loughborough University in Business Economics & Finance.

Ruth Thomas
Ruth Thomas
Senior Consultant, Curo

Ruth is a founder of Curo. She has always believed that spreadsheets are not fit for purpose in a modern business and digital transformation enables reward professionals to focus on the outcomes of the compensation review, rather than just spend their time managing the process itself. Ruth works with Curo’s prospects and clients to ensure they leverage its technology to best effect, helping to innovate and re-engineer their compensation management processes. Her goal is to work in partnership with the most progressive employers to enable them to shape compensation solutions at a price point that delivers a compelling return on investment.

With over 25 years of global HR and reward management experience in the financial services sector, she has international expertise in the management of compensation processes and the design of pay and benefit structures, salary progression systems and management incentive plans. Her corporate experience includes Lloyds TSB Group, PwC, Dow Jones Group and Credit Suisse.

David Walker
David Walker
Chief Commercial Officer, Personal Group

David joined Personal Group as its Chief Commercial Officer in 2012. He has a passion for creating approaches to employee engagement that are different to the norm, and in his role he explores ways to transform the way people view employee benefits. Most recently he has driven a massive rebrand for the company and is now focussing on helping clients unlock discretionary effort so their employees can ‘Work Hapi’. David arrived in the employee benefits industry from previous roles at Barclays and BskyB and most recently as the Managing Director of Dyson’s Commercial business in the USA. He also took on the role as Managing Director of Let’s Connect, Personal Group’s salary sacrifice home technology offering from 2014-16.


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Curo enables organisations to get the maximum business impact from their Compensation budget. CuroComp was designed by reward professionals for reward professionals to help them deliver a review that is Smarter, Faster and Safer than previously possible. Curo is privileged to work with many of the world’s leading companies to enable them to retain talent, drive productivity and reward performance with a solution configured to manage the complexity of the review. We enable HR professionals to focus on the outcome of the review process, not just the process itself, and deliver a fair, transparent and auditable review.

Tel: +44 20 7300 7221
Email: info@curocomp.com
Web: www.curocomp.com

Eyzon image

Eyzon (which rhymes with 'horizon', if you were wondering) is a niche specialist in HR recruitment focused on growing businesses and developing careers. We have an exceptional pedigree advising organisations on the recruitment, structure and benchmarking of Reward teams. We have an unrivalled network and technical knowledge of this particular discipline having made introductions across the globe at Group Reward Director level and below. We also provide pro bono career counselling to reward professionals at all stages of their career. In our world, 'Reward' covers compensation, benefits, global mobility, HRIS, HRMI, HR analytics and payroll. Our team is led by one of our two founding partners, Matt Brooks.

Tel: 020 3178 4688

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Happiness is the best driver for success. Our mission is to make the workforce of our customers happy. beqom drives happiness by allowing business managers to lead, align and motivate employees and partners. The beqom Total Compensation platform is used globally across all industry sectors by over 100 large companies such as Microsoft and Vodafone. It addresses all performance and compensation aspects such as salary review, bonus, long-term incentives, commissions, benefits, non-cash rewards and all key drivers towards employee performance and sales performance. HR, sales and finance organisations leverage our platform to drive performance, retention, cost optimisation and . . . happiness among their people. beqom – to make your people happy.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3808 8945
Email: marketing@beqom.com
Web: www.beqom.com

Xactly logo

Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, butt-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. We believe in the power of incentives to help companies, their employees, and their partners build stronger relationships and achieve more. Xactly addresses a critical business need: to incentivise employees and align their behaviours with company goals. Our solutions allow organisations to make better strategic decisions, optimise behaviours, increase sales and employee performance, improve margins, increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, design better incentive compensation plans, and reduce error rates in incentive compensation calculations.

Tel: 0203 695 0468
Email: info@xactlycorp.com
Web: www.xactlycorp.com

OpenSymmetry logo

OpenSymmetry is the world’s largest independent consulting company specialising in the design and delivery of Sales Performance Management solutions. We have helped over 500 organisations plan for, select, deploy, and benefit from technology supplied by the industry’s leading vendors, resulting in reduced costs, increased revenues, greater visibility and lower risk.

Tel: +44 (0) 800 756 6736
Email: os_info@opensymmetry.com
Web: www.opensymmetry.com

Personal Group's goal is to make work happy, for everyone. Why? Because when people are happy, they’re more productive. And the key to happiness is engagement: when people feel like they make a difference, they do.

From benefits and communications to a whole range of engagement tools, our platform can be as comprehensive or as streamlined as you need. And whatever services you offer, we make them simple to use. With the Hapi app, everything your employees need is at their fingertips – wherever they are.

Personal Group. Work happy.
Benefits. Communications. Engagement

Tel: 03330 058 022
Email: info@personalgroup.com
Web: www.personalgroup.com

E-reward’s 10th annual gathering for reward professionals . . .

> 15 presentations from thought leaders in UK reward, with case studies from Siemens, CooperVision and Unilever, spread over two days.
> No crowds of time wasters, no wasted budget – just the precise market you need to sell to and network with.
> High-calibre audience of 75 senior reward managers (typically Head of Reward) from leading UK companies.
> No more than six (premium package) exhibitors – guarantees you maximum exposure to your target audience and ensures your message is not diluted.


  • 75 senior practitioners from E-reward's 5,000-strong membership.
  • Our delegates will have been personally invited, pre-qualified (mainly blue-chip companies).
  • They are senior-level decision makers, typically the head of reward in leading UK-based and European businesses.


  • A menu of sponsorship products that will help you connect with the right audience. Whether your interest is demonstrating your solutions or service or simply to gain visibility and brand awareness with a special message we have various products available. We can also custom build a sponsorship bundle to address your specific needs.
  • Inclusion in our comprehensive marketing campaign promoting the event, targeting key individuals within your target market.
  • A powerful combination of online promotions and social media campaigns to enhance your interaction within your target market. Each element is designed to raise your profile, build brand awareness and allow access to E-reward’s highly engaged and active database of senior reward practitioners.
  • Accompanied by an extensive promotional campaign using our web site; e-newsletter (5,000 subscribers); reward magazine (5,000 subscribers); postings on our LinkedIn E-reward Group (920+ members); shared amongst our LinkedIn connections (1,900+ in total); and twitter posts.


Exhibitors with a premium package will benefit from a complete range of promotional endorsements as part of the pre-event marketing campaign as well as top exposure during the day. You will also play a key role in the conference programme with a speaker slot. A key opportunity to integrate your brand into the informative conference running along side the exhibition.

  • Logo and link on all pre-event promotional materials.
  • High visibility branding on the conference web site ahead of the event.
  • Literature give-aways in the delegate pack.
  • Post-show email alert blast (sent on your behalf by E-reward).
  • Two 100-word advert in e-reward bites (our fortnightly e-newsletter read by over 5,000 reward managers).
  • Blow your own trumpet – an opportunity to showcase one of your success stories via a case study or invite your client to tell their story. Without doubt, the most effective way to promote your company and product (10 minutes). As one recent delegate put it: ‘I found some of the more practical insights and presentations in the case studies most useful – hearing from those who have implemented a comp system seemed to be of the most value to me. That and the chance, as a novice, to understand some of the capabilities of the software – so, hearing more about the great ways that other organisations have put their system to use and some of the pitfalls they’ve encountered along the way is always useful.’
  • A speaking slot agreed with our editorial team (20 minutes).
  • Exhibition space. You have a blank canvas of floor space to build and create your own stand design.
  • One speaker pass; one case study speaker pass; two staff stand passes. Additional passes charged at £150 + VAT.
  • Bring a client or prospect: Two guest tickets for senior reward practitioners (in-house only; to be agreed with E-reward). Job titles qualifying include: Head of Reward, or Reward Manager, or an HR Director, for an employer with more than 250 employees.


A simple, cost-effective and no frills way to exhibit and participate in the event.

  • Exhibition space. You have a blank canvas of floor space to build and create your own stand design.
  • Logo and link on all pre-event promotional materials.
  • Literature give-aways in the delegate pack.
A unique opportunity to demonstrate your products, services and solutions to an audience of senior-level decision makers who are responsible for managing reward in leading UK-based and European businesses. Make an impact on your audience by taking out a sponsorship and exhibitor package or we can create a customised package just for you. Call us on +44 (0)161 432 2584 or email: paul@e-reward.co.uk


The schedule

Registration starts from 8.30am on both conference days. The conference will close at about 6pm on day 1 (our drinks reception takes place from 5pm) and ends at about 4pm on day 2. The full conference programme can be found on our web site.


All of the available speaker presentations for the conference will be added (in PDF format) to a special page on the E-reward web site, accessible to delegates only. We will email you details about how to download them as soon as we receive the presentations from the speakers.

If any speakers are unable to get their notes to us on time we aim to email them to you the day after the conference.

No hard copies of the documentation will be available on the day of the conference. We will, of course, be providing plenty of notepaper and pens for note taking during the day.

Special requirements

Please let us know if you have any special requirements as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

The venue

Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, United Kingdom W8 5SR (GPS W8 5SY). T +44 (0) 20 7937 7211

Getting there

The Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington is a four-star hotel in prestigious Kensington, located just a two-minute walk from High Street Kensington underground station. The station is on the Circle line between Gloucester Road and Notting Hill Gate, and the District line between Earl's Court and Notting Hill Gate.

London airports

London is served by five main airports, from the UK's main gateway at London Heathrow to London City Airport in the Docklands. For information on getting to and from London airports to Holborn in central London, visit Transport for London at www.tfl.gov.uk

Hotel accommodation

Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation.

E-reward has arranged for delegates to receive discounted rates at the Copthorne Tara Hotel. Once you have reserved your place on our annual conference, we will send you a passcode to reserve your room at the special E-reward discounted rate. Please note: E-reward does not receive any commission or payment on bookings made at this hotel.


Under no circumstances will we share any of your registration information with third parties without your permission.


Booking charge and card processing fee payable on credit card booking.

It is a condition of booking that the fee is payable in advance of the event.

Payment terms

Payment (by BACS, cheque or credit card) to be received no later than 30 days from date of invoice, or BEFORE the start of the event, whichever is sooner.

Each ticket covers attendance for one person only for the duration of this two-day event, and includes attendance at all of the sessions, coffees and teas, lunch on both days, a drinks reception at the end of Day 1, as well as conference documentation (PDF only).

This is a fixed fee applicable for full or partial attendance.

Conference documentation

Conference documentation can be downloaded in PDF format from our special conference presentations web page ahead of the event. No hard copies of the documentation will be available on the day of the conference.


Delegates who advise E-reward.co.uk of their cancellation in writing (by email) by 12 noon, Monday 3rd October 2016 will have their fees refunded – less a 25% administration fee. No refund will be made for cancellations received after 12 noon, 3rd October 2016 and failure to attend after confirming the booking will be subject to the same terms.

Joining instructions

Final conference details and a venue location map will be sent to delegates once payment has been received.

Hotel accommodation

Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation.

Terms and conditions

The programme is correct at the time of printing. However, we reserve the right to alter or cancel the programme due to circumstance beyond our control.

Where circumstances force E-reward.co.uk to cancel a conference, we shall refund any fees paid for that particular event. E-rewardco.uk is not, however, liable for any consequential loss. However, if the conference is postponed for reasons beyond the direct control of E-reward.co.uk, this booking will be transferred to the revised date of the event and all these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any such transferred booking.

All advice provided at this E-reward.co.uk event is for general guidance only. Any delegates relying on information or advice given in the course of such training do so at their own risk. Views expressed by the speakers are their own.