Directors’ Remuneration 2015/16 & Beyond: FTSE 350, SMALLCAP, FLEDGLING & AIM **FREE Download**

  • Buoyant incentive payments boost directors’ remuneration in FTSE 350 at a time of intense scrutiny.
  • Median single figure total remuneration for FTSE 100 and mid-250 principal directors stands at £3.7m and £1.6m respectively.
  • Comparative figures were more modest for SmallCap (£0.7m) and AIM & Fledgling (£0.3m).

Directors’ pay is about a lot more than the FTSE 100. Here we highlight the range of pay levels received by board members in companies of all sizes – ranging from the smallest AIM and Fledgling firms to the largest blue-chip organisations. Our report covers over 1,500 directors in nearly 700 companies with financial year-ends dated from July 2015 to October 2016. This includes data for directors who were in post for a full 12-month period in UK organisations including: 300 FTSE 350 companies; 100 SmallCap firms; 250 AIM and Fledgling companies.The data provides a snapshot of both historical and forward-looking remuneration levels.

The results, drawn from E-reward’s Summit executive remuneration database, illustrate how remuneration levels vary significantly between the largest and smallest UK companies.

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Title: Directors’ Remuneration 2015/16 & Beyond: FTSE 350, SmallCap, Fledgling & AIM

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Date: 1 March 2017

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