Our reports provide rigorous, accurate analysis of executive remuneration in both the private and public sectors.

Each study is based on large sample sizes. Besides the aggregate figures, each report drills down further to the crucial data relevant to individual organisations with further analysis by variables such as: organisation size as measured by financial, staff or population measures; job titles; sectors; regions.

These reports are in-depth but can never display every single piece of data so it is also possible to purchase tailored bespoke data to enable you to carry out your own analysis to drill down to the specific data you need.

Report Published
Infographic – Women in the boardroom: FTSE 350, SmallCap and Fledgling/Aim companies **FREE Download** 06/03/2018
Women on FTSE 350 Boards **FREE Download** 29/11/2017
Directors’ Remuneration Summer 2017 Update: FTSE 350, SmallCap & AIM **FREE Download** 30/08/2017
Directors’ Remuneration 2015/16 & Beyond: FTSE 350, SMALLCAP, FLEDGLING & AIM **FREE Download** 01/03/2017
NHS Hospital Trusts: Boardroom Pay 2016 09/02/2016
FT Global 200 executive pay DATASET 2015 16/12/2015
Worldwide Executive Compensation 2015: Survey of FT Global 200 Companies **FREE Download** 15/12/2015
FTSE 350 Directors: Remuneration 2014/15 **FREE Download** 16/06/2015
NHS Hospital Trusts: Boardroom Pay 2015 06/03/2015
Clinical Commissioning Groups: Boardroom Pay 2015 28/02/2015
A New Remuneration Reporting Environment One Year On: Policy, Practice, and Implications 09/01/2015