Commissioned Research and Bespoke Data

Purchase bespoke executive pay data at competitive prices. Drill down to the specific data you require.

Our staff and associates have decades of experience of collecting and analysing executive remuneration for both UK and overseas companies. Over this time our specialists have regularly supplied data to many well-known client-facing remuneration consultants and companies.

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Price charged will be based on:

  • Number of companies
  • Whether it’s just pay data or incentive data
  • How many years’ data.

FTSE 100 - Mid-250 - SmallCap - Global companies - AIM - Fledgling companies

Tailored bespoke data available

The E-reward executive remuneration database is constantly updated, collecting the key executive data from the UK's major organisations. Using this information we produce regular reports, but we also offer the opportunity to purchase more tailored bespoke data that can be further analysed by additional variables such as but not limited to:

  • Job role
  • Sector
  • Organisation size
  • Market sector
  • Bespoke comparator groups
  • Executive and non-executive directors
  • Incentive scheme designs.

NHS Executive Pay Data

Tailored bespoke data available

Our NHS research focuses on NHS trusts and CCGs. Both reports provide detailed aggregate analysis based on thousands of data points, but we also make available the data underlying this research so that you can identify precisely the pay rates in organisations of a similar size and complexity to your own.

Data for each job can be split according to:

  • Trust income (NHS trusts)
  • Trust type (NHS trusts)
  • Net operating costs (CCGs)
  • Number of GP practices (CCGs)
  • Population size (CCGs)
  • Staff numbers (both)
  • Region (both)

E-reward's annual CCG and NHS trust reports cover the most common job roles, but our pay database also includes a number of specialist roles that should also be of interest.

For more details about how we can provide you with further analysis and a price quote, please contact