Women workers look to achieve career milestones earlier than men – Reed

Achieving ‘career success’ means earning an annual salary of £56,000 by the age of 40 – more than twice the average salary – according to UK workers. The research of 2,000 workers by recruitment specialist Reed has revealed what signifies ‘career success’ to the UK workforce.

Women have ambitions to achieve this earlier, with almost half (48%) wanting to have reached career success before the age of 40, compared to 39% of men. And one in three women (33%) hope to earn their ideal salary by the age of 35, compared to one in four men. When it comes to salary expectations, achieving career success comes with a salary of £54,000 for women, but according to men, £58,000 is the magic number.

Tom Lovell, managing director at REED, said:

‘With addressing the gender pay gap and the glass ceiling high on the political agenda, it’s particularly interesting that women want to hit key milestones earlier on in their career. Flexibility is also key for them – seemingly more so than men – with 42% of women deeming a sign of career success, compared to just 31% of men.’

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