Vebnet launches new off-the-shelf benefits package for SMEs


Vebnet launches new off-the-shelf benefits package for SMEs

Vebnet and Standard Life have launched Box of Benefits (BOB), an off-the-shelf employee benefits solution designed specifically for UK-based SME companies. This new proposition has been built using technology from Vebnet.

Vebnet says: “BOB makes it easier for employers to offer their employees a great package of benefits, including a pension, because it is simple to manage and affordable. This is achieved through a single online portal that helps with the administration of the benefits and reporting requirements. BOB can be personalised for every company and implemented quickly.”

Employees receive access to BOB’s online technology, with the option to choose from a range of benefits including private medical insurance, pension and travel insurance.


A final word

"Most employers now realise the value of a good benefits package. But for some there’s still the concern that it’s going to be too costly, or that the administration will take up too much time. BOB can solve these problems through a boxed up solution that makes flex cost-effective.” - Gerry O'Neill, Managing Director of Corporate Solutions, Vebnet.

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