Tokyo most expensive city in world


Tokyo most expensive city in world

The world’ s most expensive city is Tokyo, followed by Moscow, with Hong Kong in its wake, according to the latest international cost-of-living survey by human resource consultancy William M Mercer.

For those of you struggling with postings abroad, the survey offers a valuable source of information, underpinned by detailed research. Mercer’ s research shows that London is in the unenviable position of having the highest cost of living in the European Union.

Cost-of-living divide narrowing

The gap between the world’ s most and least expensive cities appears to be narrowing. Rehan Mustafa, a senior researcher at Mercer, says: What we are seeing is a gradual reduction in the cost of living extremes across the world. This reflects the price reductions from wider availability of international products — particularly in the third world.

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Title: Worldwide cost-of-living survey 2001, William M Mercer.

Base date: March 2001.

Methodology: The survey, which covers 144 cities, measures the comparative costs of over 200 items in each location. These include the cost of housing, food, clothing and household goods, together with transport and entertainment.

Availability: Contact client services at Mercer global information services, Geneva, tel: +41 22 869 3000.

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Take a look at the press release on Mercer's web site . . .

Posted 6 August 2001