Strategic approach to work-life will reap benefits


Strategic approach to work-life will reap benefits

The flood of reports, books and conferences devoted to the work-life balance is unceasing. Three recent articles on the subject in the Financial Times newspaper suggest that there is more to work-life policies than first meets the eye.

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Title: The work/life equation , Financial Times, 9 November 2001.

Author(s): Bob Leach, managing director of Resources Connection.

The onset of harsher economic times is unlikely to spell the end for work-life initiatives. In fact, companies that understand the growing importance of flexible working will be the ones best able to weather the storm .


Title: Flexibility has to work both ways , Financial Times, 6 November 2001.

Author(s): Niamh Bryan, human capital consultant at Deloitte & Touche, and Quentin Ashby, business development director at Business & Market Research.

Before changing working practices the needs of the business must be considered. That way the policies are more likely to be sustained and organisations will reap the benefits .


Title: Family factors at work in the balances of life , Financial Times, 15 November 2001.

Author(s): Robert Taylor, Financial Times.

Organisations need to take a much wider view of work-life balance that encompasses everybody in paid work and not just parents.


Posted 14 December 2001