Share options will remain an integral part of internet pay packages


Share options will remain an integral part of internet pay packages

Despite the slump in share prices for many high-profile dot-coms, share options will retain their pivotal role in internet-style reward packages, concludes a new survey by Andersen, the consultancy.

Key survey findings

Basic pay

  • The highest levels of basic salary among the 68 employers participating in the survey are typically found in the internet divisions of international and large national companies where they tend to be influenced by pay levels in the group as a whole.

Long-term incentives

  • 67% of participants have some form of share option plan in place (the figure in the independent dot-com sector was 74%).

  • Overall, 40% of survey participants operate a discretionary share option plan, 35% an Inland Revenue approved share option plan, and 6% a cash phantom share option plan.

There are a remarkable number of perks/benefits available to staff working in the dot-com sector . . .


Per cent of respondents

Relationship building benefits


  • company outings


  • bring your dog to work


  • free employee lunches


  • company social events


Benefits designed to increase flexibility


  • Duvet days (where employers allow an employee to spend a day in bed for working around the clock to meet a deadline)


  • working from home




  • paid paternity leave


  • maternity leave in excess of the statutory minimum


  • crèche facilities




  • pension plan


  • car allowance


Source: Dot.comp report 2001, by Andersen.


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Title: Dot.comp report 2001, by Andersen.

Methodology: During March and April Andersen conducted a survey looking at reward management practices in internet companies. Respondents were asked to provide data on average salaries, bonus levels and other benefits for 30 jobs (within four job families: executives technical — web technical — IT and business development, sales and marketing). A sample of HR directors from participating companies were interviewed to help interpret the results in the light of current and future market trends.

Sample size: The survey is based on responses from 68 employers.

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