Scottish workers prioritise salary over non-pay reward, says NGA Human Resources

More than 80% of Scottish workers prioritise salary over other aspects of terms and conditions when asked ‘What rewards and benefits do you expect from your employer?’ according to research from NGA Human Resources. Its poll of 1,500 full-time workers also finds that Londoners are least motivated by salary, with only 76% choosing it as a priority, being more motivated by non-monetary benefits such as pension provision and discount schemes.

Ian Dowd, marketing director at NGA HR, said:

‘Our research highlights the differences between employees in London and those elsewhere in the country. There have been some big surprises to us all – which is why employers need to take regional differences seriously. A company with offices in London and Glasgow needs to have the ability to reflect these differences within their HR policy. This flexibility will be key to keeping employees motivated up and down the country . . . This research illustrates how varied regional employees can be. It’s important to take these differences into account when creating and developing your HR strategies to ensure they reflect your workforce’s needs.’
‘Workforce Diversity Report’ was published by NGA Human Resources in August 2015. To download the findings, please visit: