New incentive scheme offers choice of experiences


New incentive scheme offers choice of experiences

Capital Incentives & Motivation, a specialist division of Accor Services, has launched a new reward programme which offers more than 500 “memorable activities”. Recipients can choose anything from race car driving and hot air ballooning, to cookery classes and pamper packages.

"Compliments Experiences" can be used as a reward in staff incentive programmes, or as a one-off gift from employers to their employees. Recipients receive a reward package and gift card with a pre-loaded financial value which is redeemed online at the Compliments Experiences web site. They can choose from more than 500 options and can take advantage of the latest special offers, including discounts and two-for-one deals.


Once an activity has been selected, recipients will then receive an “Experiences Pack” containing a wallet, experience voucher and information about their chosen reward.

A final word

“When it comes to rewarding employees the value of choice cannot be underestimated. Compliments Experiences, and the entire Compliments range, give employers and employees that value which contributes significantly to the overall success of any incentive scheme.” - Derrick Hardman, Managing Director, Capital Incentives & Motivation.

Want to know more?

Designed to “motivate and recognise behaviours”, the “Compliments” range currently comprises:

  • Compliments Rewards – a multi-store gift card that can be used at more than 140 high-street retailers

  • Compliments Passport – a travel incentive reward scheme

  • Compliments Green – a “fully-integrated” ethical reward scheme

  • Compliments Experiences – boasting more than 500 activities and experiences.

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