Human resources consulting under the microscope



HR consulting under the microscope

Companies pay management consultants millions of pounds every year for advice on reward and HR management issues. But is this money an expensive indulgence, or can consultants really add value? The current issue of IRS Employment Trends, published by Industrial Relations Services, sketches out some of the benefits — and pitfalls — of using consultants.

A string of firms, large and small, has jumped on the potentially lucrative bandwagon of advising organisations how to maximise the performance of their employees. IRS contacted 14 major consultancies operating in the UK and has provided a listing of the services they offer.

The piece also summarises the general advantages that might be gained through using consultants. But the article does balance the positive with the negative, offering some reservations expressed by those who view the profession with a degree of cynicism.

Survey details

Title: "Human resources consulting: friend or foe?", IRS Employment Review 698, February 2000.

Survey sample: the six-page report is based on information supplied by 14 leading HR consultants operating in the UK.

Availability: available from IRS, tel: 020 7354 6742.

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