Government announces winners of work-life funding


Government announces winners of work-life funding

The first winners of Government funding to help companies identify ways of improving the work-life balance of their employees have been announced.

Over a quarter million employees in 69 companies will benefit from this campaign. Each of the winners will receive free advice from leading management consultants so that they can introduce flexible-working practices that will enable staff to achieve a better balance between work and the rest of their lives.

Additional funding

The Challenge Fund has been extended to three years. Minister for Employment and Equal opportunities Margaret Hodge announced additional funding of £ 2.28m from the European Social Fund to boost the Challenge Fund to £ 5.5m over three years.

Mrs Hodge said:

These Challenge Fund winners have taken a brave step in coming forward and asking for help in identifying ways to improve their employment and working practices. They recognise that better work life balance policies bring business benefits with improved recruitment and retention and enhanced commitment.

By publicising the results of the work carried out by consultants for the winners, everyone will be able to learn. There will be another opportunity to win in the second round of increased funding early next year. It’ s a win-win situation all round.

About the work-life balance campaign

Employers for Work-Life Balance was launched by the Prime Minister on 9 March 2000. The campaign is backed by 22 companies, including small and medium-sized organisations as well as blue-chip businesses, with a combined workforce of around 500,000 people.