GMB unveils winners and losers in GB pay league


GMB unveils winners and losers in GB pay league

The GMB trade union has published a national league of average gross annual salaries for all 342 occupational groups in Great Britain.

The data for the survey is drawn from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, published by the Office for National Statistics.

Using data for 2004, the latest figures available, the GMB's analysis ranks the occupations by the mean average salary from the highest to the lowest.  There is also an estimate of the number of jobs in each occupational group.

Paul Kenny, GMB acting general secretary said: "The average pay of the highest earning group, directors and chief executives, at £162,028 is 16 times higher than the lowest group, leisure and theme park attendants, on £10,400. There is no greater indicator of the 'upstairs downstairs' nature of the labour market in Britain today. The pay of all those at the bottom and in the middle of the pay league is closely controlled. However, the pay of senior managers and directors is subject to little control and the numbers and pay of these people continues to inflate. The only way to tackle the resulting inequality is via the tax system."

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Posted 9 June 2005