Copenhagen most ‘liveable’ expat European location – ECA International

Copenhagen and Bern offer the best living standards in the world for expatriates, according to a report by global mobility firm, ECA International. Cities in Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands offer the best living standards overall, judged by factors such as air pollution, personal security, language barriers and social isolation.

London features further down in the liveability rankings mainly due to higher air pollution and crime rates. Glasgow is the only UK city that scores worse than London, primarily due to a more limited access to schools offering an international curriculum, ECA says.

Neil Ashman, Senior Location Ratings analyst at ECA, says:

‘London does not score as well as most other UK locations in our report due to higher levels of crime and air pollution, although this is to be expected for a city of its size.’

He adds:

‘Even so, when compared to other major capital cities in Europe such as Madrid, Berlin, Lisbon and Brussels, we can see that London’s overall living conditions are still slightly worse – with only Rome scoring lower. However, London is still relatively high in the rankings and scores very well in areas such as recreation and the quality of healthcare.’