Broader definition of total reward reported by employers


Broader definition of total reward reported by employers

A European survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting found that a much broader definition of total rewards is being used by organisations.

The survey of more than 430 companies in Europe, mostly multinationals, found that:

  • only 29% of participants define total rewards as just pay and benefits

  • more than 60% of participants include careers in their definition

  • as many as 40% also include other intrinsic work factors like culture, leadership and work-life balance.   

Over 60% of participants believe their total rewards are very effective in retaining high performers and attracting key talent. However, only 43% believe their rewards effectively differentiate between performers and increase employee satisfaction.

Only two-fifths of organisations believe their rewards strategy is fully aligned with their business strategy.


Reward challenges

Attracting and retaining talented employees is biggest reward challenge facing companies    

  • Employers are most concerned about attracting and retaining talented employees over the next year, with 83% reporting that this was a very important issue. 

  • Differentiating rewards for high performers was ranked as the second biggest challenge, with 65% rating it very important.

  • Only marginally less important were implementing reward strategies that underpin business goals and ensuring pay is linked to performance, rated very significant by 64% and 63% of companies respectively.

Adapting rewards to suit an ageing workforce is lowest priority

  • At the other end of the spectrum, just 11% of companies felt that adapting their employee rewards packages to meet the needs of an ageing workforce was an important challenge. 

  • Increasing the choice of benefits available to staff and responding to their preferences were also towards the bottom of the list of priorities, rated as very important by 16% of companies respectively.

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Title: Mercer European Total Rewards Survey 2006, Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

Survey sample: Responses were received from 436 companies from 19 countries across Europe. As many as 60% of participants have more than 1,000 employees and 65% of participants have annual revenues in excess of €200 million.

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