Boots Opticians triumphs in award for best UK company


Boots Opticians triumphs in award for best UK company

The Sunday Times has published its 11th annual survey identifying the best companies to work for in Britain. Boots Opticians is this year’s “big companies” winner of the most comprehensive survey of workplace opinion in Britain.

Engagement levels bounce back

Following difficult times for many organisations, the 2011 Best Companies to Work For survey shows that employee engagement has bounced back from a slight dip last year, returning to levels seen in 2009. This year, the survey of over 291,000 employees reveals that employees in the private sector are less worried about the impact of the economic climate for their organisation, however, in the public and third sector, employees are much more concerned about the impact of the economy on their future.


A final word

“This year it is encouraging to see that more and more organisations are recognising the value of employee engagement and are willing to benchmark themselves against the best to ensure they are offering their employees the best possible experience. Organisations that have achieved accreditation have continued to focus on their employees and have been rewarded with engaged workforces who tell us that these are great places to work.

“We know that the main challenge for many organisations this year will be talent attraction and retention. For accredited organisations that have demonstrated their ability to create an engaged workforce and recognise the importance of caring about their employees, they are in a good position to retain and attract the talent they need.”- Jonathan Austin, CEO and founder, Best Companies.

Want to know more?

Title: “Best Companies to Work For survey 2011”, Best Companies.

Survey sample: This year, 1,165 organisations entered the Best Companies Accreditation. From these companies survey responses were received from over 291,000 employees.

Methodology: Every company that goes for Best Companies Accreditation is given a Best Companies Index score (BCI). This score is designed to measure employee engagement by analysing 54 questions across eight key factors:

  • My manager - whether people feel supported, trusted and cared for by their immediate manager.

  • Leadership - how people feel about the head of their organisation, the senior management team and the values of the organisation.

  • My company - how much people value their company, how proud they are to work there, and whether they make a difference.

  • Personal growth - whether people feel challenged by their job, whether their skills are being utilised and their perceived opportunities for advancement.

  • My team - includes encouraging team spirit, feeling part of the company, having fun, and belonging.

  • Giving something back - how much people think their organisation puts back into society and whether they believe this effort is driven by profit motives.

  • Fair deal - how well employees feel they are treated and how their pay and benefits compare to similar organisations.

  • Well being – how employees feel about stress, pressure, the balance between work and home life and the impact of these factors on personal health and performance.

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The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For Lists

In addition to the standard accreditation process, organisations may choose to participate in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For Lists, which include rankings for big, small or medium organiations. This year the public and third sector were recognised in their own dedicated list. For more information visit [paywall]

As the name behind The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For lists, Best Companies “conducts the largest employee engagement survey in the world having received over 1.5 million survey responses from over 3,000 different organisations”. Visit