Applebee's recipe for curbing turnover of top performers


Applebee's recipe for curbing turnover of top performers

Applebee's, a US restaurant chain, segments its workforce into performance-based categories, with different retention goals for each group, according to a recent issue of Workforce Management magazine.

Rather than tracking overall turnover and retention for the 29,000 "associates" across its 1,600 restaurants, managers at Applebee's are far more interested in monitoring turnover among select segments of the workforce. "It boils down to the notion that not all employees perform equally -- nor should they be mourned equally when they leave," says Aaron Dalton, the author of the Workforce Management piece.

What's more, the system rewards managers for keeping turnover low among top-performing employees. Performance is tracked via a sophisticated web-based software programme developed in-house by Applebee's.

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Title: "Applebee's turnover recipe", by Aaron Dalton, Workforce Management, May 2005.

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Posted 9 June 2005