2005 survey of policy and practice in benefits and allowances


2005 survey of policy and practice in benefits and allowances

Businesses invest colossal sums of money each year in a huge variety of employee benefits. A new three-part survey by IRS, an employment research organisation, offers a guide to the range of benefits on offer amongst a sample of UK employers.

What you will find in this survey

Spread over three issues of the fortnightly journal IRS Employment Review, this 138-employer survey includes "benchmarking" information on the level of benefits and allowances in named organisations.

Part 1

"Benefits and allowances (1)", IRS Employment Review 824/Pay and Benefits, 27 May 2005.

Besides offering a snapshot of the extent of provision among the survey sample, a series of tables provide details of:

  • permanent health insurance (30 named organisations)
  • private medical insurance (24)
  • call-out payments (22)
  • standby payments (17).

Other issues surveyed:

  • attendance allowances
  • tool allowances
  • time off for medical appointments
  • dental insurance
  • counselling and employee assistance programmes.

Part 2

"Benefits and allowances (2)", IRS Employment Review 825/Pay and Benefits.

Focuses on "non-statutory benefits" covering:

  • deputising payments
  • first-aid payments
  • long-service awards
  • subsidised staff canteens
  • mortgage subsidies
  • staff discount arrangements
  • childcare vouchers
  • flexible benefits schemes.

Part 3

The final part of the research, to be published in a forthcoming issue of IRS Employment Review, will detail travel and subsistence allowances including: company cars car allowances mileage rates season tickets loans subsistence payments.

Want to know more?

To purchase this IRS report contact the subscriptions department at IRS in London, tel: 020 8686 9141 or visit www.irsemploymentreview.com

Posted 9 June 2005