Excel Skills for Reward Professionals: Intermediate Level
Course Information

Two-day class instructed by the world's foremost Excel for compensation expert – Dianne Auld

Date: 28-29 September 2020.
Location: central London
Duration: Two days, 9am to 5pm.
Format: Classroom course, maximum of 20 attendees.
Fees: £1,095 + VAT per delegate (includes postage and packaging of course book sent to you in advance of the class).

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E-reward.co.uk has teamed up with WorldatWork to offer its training classes in Excel skill building in the United Kingdom. We have commissioned Dianne Auld to design, develop and deliver two classroom courses focused and tailored so that we cover all of the essential Excel skills that are relevant to the needs of UK reward professionals – offering you the opportunity to enhance your learning as you progress from our Excel Intermediate level to Excel Advanced level.

Your tutor . . .

A world-leading 'Excel for reward' expert.

Dianne Auld is without doubt the most highly regarded and popular Excel for reward expert in the world. Based in South Africa, she travels worldwide demonstrating to reward professionals how to save hours and hours – some even say days – by harnessing all the power of Excel.

Two superb Excel courses tailor made for reward professionals

Dianne has worked with E-reward and WorldatWork to carefully devise a study programme to assist reward professionals with their day-to-day tasks in Excel. These Excel for Reward classroom courses – Intermediate and Advanced – include sleek visual and audio demonstrations of tasks reward professionals need to perform in their job function. During these demonstrations, students follow the instructions being highlighted by Dianne, and immediately afterwards undertake a parallel exercise on their own, with teacher guidance, to cement the learning.

You will enhance your ability to analyse mountains of data in seconds with professional looking charts and Pivot Tables. Unlike other Excel courses, our classes have been specially developed to help you master skills specific to compensation and benefits work not taught in any other general Excel course. These courses are UNIQUE.

Dianne will be visiting London once a year to lead these classroom courses. Her courses always sell out. Enrol now on our educational courses so that you can be confident about enhancing your Excel skills in the workplace. You’ll have the powerful Dianne Auld training name on your CV, as a quality mark of achievement in Excel for Reward. You can also be confident that you will possess the enhanced Excel skills for reward being sought by today’s employers.

Excel Skills for Reward Professionals: Intermediate Level

Designed for reward professionals who are using Excel on a day-to-day basis in their reward work but who want to gain a deeper understanding of the more sophisticated facilities offered in the compensation data area.

Reward professionals today require a high level of proficiency in Excel in order to effectively analyse remuneration data. They need to know how to use pivot tables, charts, advanced data and formatting techniques, lookup, if and statistical formulas. Having the required proficiency in these areas can make the difference between taking three minutes to do a job or three days. What’s more, gaining this understanding can enable reward practitioners to concentrate on extracting insights from the data rather than wasting time crunching numbers. The typical reaction from delegates attending this course is – ‘If only I'd known how to do this last week!’

Our hands-on practical course covers the essential Excel skills required to analyse market and organisation remuneration information. It has been created for reward, HR and payroll professionals who would like to enhance their Excel skills, and perform complex job tasks such as compiling and analysing data and performing calculations. For those who already have a good working knowledge in Excel, this course will provide you with the expertise and skills to use Excel at a higher level.

Level of knowledge required

A good basic to intermediate understanding of Excel is required before attending the workshop. To get the most out of this course, we recommend that:

  • Students are working with remuneration data in Excel on a regular basis in their work.
  • Students should have good navigational skills in Excel, and be able to select, copy, move, paste, edit and sort data with ease.
  • Students should be comfortable with working with large amounts of data and entering formulas.

Dianne says:

‘The ideal candidate for this course would already be familiar with some of the information covered on the agenda. But this course will greatly enhance their ability to analyse mountains of data in seconds with professional looking charts and Pivot Tables. Anyone with a good understanding of Excel will dramatically increase their productivity levels when working with remuneration data in Excel. This course is designed for compensation professionals who need to use Excel to perform complex job tasks such as compiling and analyzing compensation data and performing calculations.’


A workbook is provided with detailed (click-by-click) instructions on how to carry out every function demonstrated. The workbook covers Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Excel files are also provided to each delegate complete with all the training and exercise spreadsheets used during the workshop. These Excel files will be emailed to you in advance of the course.


This course requires you bring a Windows PC laptop (not Mac) with Microsoft Excel 2010, ideally Excel 2013 or later (plus charger). We recommend that you bring a mouse to the course to help with extensive on-screen navigation.


1. Did you know that you can use Control E in Excel 2013 to separate first name and surname for the whole column at one time?

Find out other quick ways to separate columns, combine columns, and change case for the whole column at one time.

2. Did you know that you can press the F11 key to create a chart?

Find out other time-saving tips for creating great looking column charts, bar charts, line charts and pie charts.

3. Did you know that you can use the Pivot Table Report Filter function to create one pivot table per division or manager at the click of a button?

Find out how to harness the power of pivot tables for analysing and reporting on data at this course.

4. Did you know that you can enter today’s date in a worksheet by pressing Control and semi-colon or typing =TODAY()?

Find out how to master tricky dates in Excel, how to format them to sort correctly, and how to calculate age, length of service or time in job using one simple date formula at this course.

5. Did you know that you can prevent Mail Merge showing lots of decimals like this – 485.6789 – by using a simple ROUND formula in the Excel source data?

Master rounding formulas, and the most important and time-saving formulas in Excel: Vlookup and If formulas, by attending this course. As a bonus, also learn Hlookup, If(And), If(Or) and Iferror!

Here is what some of Dianne's recent students in London told us about their learning experience . . .

'Absolutely fabulous course. I learned so much. Dianne was so knowledgeable and shared so well. I've saved days and days now!'
'Fantastic course.'
'Very informative course, explaining the possibilities of Excel. My life will be so much easier now I understand the capability of Excel in terms of compensation and reward.'
'Dianne was great and extremely knowledgeable.'
'Excellent instructor, very clear, good pace, always ensuring everyone is up to speed and keeping up with the rest of the class.'
'Good Central location. Course content was well put together, very relevant to work and was made interesting by Dianne. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to save time and understand Excel functions. Really pleased I attended.'
'The instructor was very friendly and informative, no improvements needed!'
'Great food, spacious rooms, not too many in a class, friendly smart staff, great facilities.'
'The stuff you need to know as a comp professional. Very helpful and presented in an easily accessible manner.'
'Great course, full of tips and techniques.'
'Valuable course, fantastic knowledge of the trainer. Very helpful, small group, learnt lots of quick short cuts and extremely valuable time-saving techniques.'

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Dianne Auld, GRP, CCP, CSCP
Dianne Auld, GRP, CCP, CSCP
Senior Consultant


Dianne is without doubt the most highly regarded and popular ‘Excel for Reward’ expert in the world. Well respected and distinguished in the compensation field and Excel, her skills and expertise are in high demand. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she travels worldwide showing reward professionals how to save hours and hours (some even say days!) by harnessing all the power of Excel.

Dianne has partnered with WorldatWork to develop a wide-ranging educational programme to assist reward professionals with their day-to-day tasks in Excel. In conjunction with WorldatWork, she has developed a series of Excel learning products including: Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals; Excel Tips; Compensation Excel Dashboards; and a series of Sales Compensation Excel Dashboards. Dianne is also a faculty member at WorldatWork and a reviewer for the WorldatWork Journal. Since 2012, she has presented each year at the Worldatwork US Total Rewards conference.

Dianne owns a consulting practice, Auld Compensation Consulting, in South Africa. She consults to a wide range of organisations across Africa and the Middle East in all areas of total rewards: reward strategy, base pay management, remuneration surveys, job evaluation, broadbanding, pay structuring, incentive design and sales compensation. She has developed and taught courses in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, and the United States.


The venue

The Cumberland, Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London W1H 7DL.

London airports

London is served by five main airports, from the UK's main gateway at London Heathrow to London City Airport in the Docklands. For information on getting to and from London airports to Holborn in central London, visit Transport for London at www.tfl.gov.uk

Special requirements

Please let us know if you have any special requirements as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

Hotel accommodation

Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation.

Do you need a visa?

A questionnaire on the UK Border Agency web site will help you to decide whether you need to obtain a visa before you travel to the UK. It also contains guidance on the type of visa that you might need. The questionnaire is for all foreign nationals who want to come to or transit the UK. ('Transit' means to pass through the UK on your way to another country without staying here.)

Please visit: www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/do-you-need-a-visa/

Dress code



You will receive your course materials on arrival for the class.


At registration we will serve you complimentary teas and coffees. Mid-morning break of teas and coffees are served at around 11.00am. Lunch will be served at approx 12.00pm.

Aspects covered in detail during this two-day course include the following:

  • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar/Importing and formatting remuneration data – including combining data from different columns, dividing data into different columns, changing case and text formulas
  • Rounding numbers/Custom formatting/Working with dates
  • Valuing the total reward package – including Vlookup, Hlookup and If formulas
  • Validation/checking of remuneration data (including the Data Filter, Custom Filter and removing duplicates)
  • Sub-totalling remuneration data
  • Comparing/Projecting remuneration data/Applying conditional formatting to market comparisons
  • Statistics for remuneration data
  • Graphing remuneration data
  • Scattergrams, trend lines and regression analysis
  • Pivot Tables and Goal Seek.

With this class you will:

  • Learn skills specific to compensation work not taught in any standard Excel course.
  • Save hours of work when you import, merge and format large amounts of data for analysis.
  • Learn how to analyse mountains of data in seconds with professional-looking charts and Pivot Tables.
  • Face your fear of regression analysis and easily create a pay policy line and salary predictions.
  • Perform complex calculations in minutes using the SUBTOTAL function.
  • Harness the power of VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, IF, AND, OR and IFERROR functions.

Learning objectives

  • Customise the quick-access toolbar
  • Create charts, graphs and tables from various types of data
  • Use formulas to simplify complex calculations
  • Check data for duplications and errors
  • Calculate subtotals
  • Calculate a variety of statistics
  • Calculate linear and exponential regression.

Next class

London 28/09/2020 - 29/09/2020



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